Ron Coleman

In my paintings I use colour, form, and texture to create balanced compositions. I want my paintings to have a balance and harmony that results from the handling of colour relationships, texture and vibrant brushwork, and from the careful, thoughtful, but sometimes serendipitous arrangement of form and colour.
I want to create work that appeals to our visual senses, balancing form and colour in a way that attracts the viewer's attention, and perhaps holds their gaze long enough to allow them to engage with the painted surface

InciteArt Collective Artists - past and present

A list of current and previous participating artists

John Eastwood

The concept of revealed or accidental images conveys something of what matters to me most in photography and what excites me about physically existing within the landscape; the combination of chance, circumstance, light and discovery. Serendipity is integral to my work and as such the number of pictures I take and the number of prints I release as limited editions are infrequent and in many ways self-selecting. At a recent exhibition a visitor remarked how my photographs 'sing of hope and wonder'; I could wish for no greater compliment.

Ché Finch

I work primarily in ceramics creating predominantly hand made tiles and hand coiled vases. 
Much of my work has an autobiographical element representing an internal dialogue of what memory is and how our memories change and transform us.
I love the intimacy of working with clay and the ambiguity that glazes lend my work. For me it’s very much about being there and allowing my feelings to drive and reinterpret the work.
I am also fascinated by restricting representational narrative as a creational approach. This approach stems from earlier work as a tutor using African Rhythm Tree as a therapeutic tool, where structure is used to create an expressive freedom within, resulting in innovation. 
My work is characterised by raw energy and expressive style.

Cara Campbell


My paintings explore and reinvent our perception of space. I tend not to use a naturalistic pallette, because I want the work to be experienced as paintings first, not as images of architecture.


When the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911, thousands went to see the empty space where the painting had hung. Empty spaces seem to intrigue and resonate with us; absence becomes tangible, through referencing its presence. In this series of paintings, Victoria Baths in Manchester is transformed into hypothetical space which embodies the history and lifespan of the building from grandeur to decay and renewal; evoking space that is both monumental yet indiscernible.


The surfaces of these paintings are concerned with the past and present, through a process of addition and removal, marks are rubbed away and reiterated, creating a palimpsetic history.  


Deirdre Macbeth


A painter, sculptor and ceramicist, my work is inspired by cultural and universal aspects of the human condition. Underpinning the themes are ideas around the energy, desires and frailty of the human spirit and the transience and fragility of existence. From communal human endeavour to personal joys and tragedies, my work is concerned with shared human experiences as manifest in moments of desire, struggle, loss and joy. 


Through image making I aim to give non verbal expression to the inner human landscape. Furthermore, while seeking visceral reaction and understanding I intend my work to provoke personal interpretations.


Simon Plum


I’m an artist based in the North-West of England who specializes in painting, drawing and printmaking.


My practice explores personal fables through narrative-based artworks, with, amongst other things, a mix of idiosyncratic perspectives, sardonic humour, highly detailed drawing and the vivid use of colour.


I see my work as a surreal and naïve evocation of the past; an on-going series of visual narratives that drift between comedy and tragedy, reality and fantasy, the past and the present.

Deborah Butler


I am a Liverpool based painter working in oil on canvas. A significant theme in my work is the rocky and dramatic coastline including Cornwall, North Wales and Pembrokeshire. I aim to capture the energy of this environment by looking at the natural structures and texture.


In the ‘Urban Horizon’ and ‘Townscape’ series of paintings I am inspired by the juxtaposition of the urban and industrial alongside the nature of parks and gardens. These paintings are more abstract but work with the same elements of colour and texture and the effect of light and weather.

John Carroll


I am exhibiting work from my ongoing series 'Tabletop Drawings' based on the kitchen table in my home.


The table is lit from above by a single light source. The drawings are made with charcoal and soft pastel on paper.


Many of the objects have been in our family for generations and have significant memories associated with them.


The way human beings project meanings and emotions on to inanimate objects is fascinating to me and is the focas for this work.



Mark Sheeky


I am a multi-disciplinary surrealist artist.


An oil painter, music composer, writer and more, my work typically consists of analysis and interpretation of thoughts and feelings, conscious and unconscious; representing ideas through fantastical or dream imagery, imaginative writing and music from conventional pop to experimental instrumental works.


Laura Garcia Martin


My work explores different matters but I consider the main topic is the loss of identity and the complex interior life of what on the surface appears to be simple.


It revolves around intimacy in couples, close relationships in families, communication between the individual and the group and the connection between human behaviour and human nature.


Eliza Brown
Jennifer Murray

Jennifer Murray is a visual artist living and working in Trafford and she has exhibited her work around the UK, including the North West, London and Wales. Jennifer also teaches life drawing and painting at various locations and art clubs in the Greater Manchester area.

Eliza Brown was born in Manchester. Eliza studied art at Manchester Metropolitan University where she developed her love of painting. She attributes a significant source of her inspiration to regular stays at her family’s home on Anglesey; where windswept walks along dramatic coastline and rugged beaches, and the bustling fishing villages of North Wales, greatly influence her work.

Eliza creates striking mixed media paintings, richly coloured with a simple strong style; words on ripped paper appear occasionally through the viewer.

Neil Robinson is a print maker and designer from the North West of England. He specialises in etching aquatint and dry point. Neil is currently in the process of producing a series of etchings and prints of famous Stockport landmarks


Neil Robinson

Karen Wise



I am a Prestbury based artist who has been painting for over 20 years - during which period I have had a series of successful exhibitions.

Using mainly water-based media with a focus on the human form, I endeavour to portray a symbolic notion or feeling in my work - expressed in an idiosyncratic style.

A key emphasis lies in the prtayal of mood through the application of line and colour.


Emily Mugridge 

Emily Mugridge is a painter and lecturer based in Cheshre. her paintings of land and seascapes are not completely representational - they are intended to be a record of how it feels to be somewhere at a particular time.

Emily uses a range of traditional and non-tradtional media to convey a sense of place. She applies texture paste or tile grout and collage, before scraping, sanding, stencilling, spraying, splattering and washing the work to build up layers of texture and colour.

Much of Emily's work is created outdoors. She enjoys the challenge of responding directly to the landscape, often battling with adverse weather conditions. Rain, salt water and sand become an integral part of many pieces of work.

'I like my paintings to be about paint and the wonderful range of expressive qualities to be explored and celebrated. Each splatter or dribble has a part to play in the final image'

Rob Miller



The inspiration for my paintings, wherever I am, comes from walking through the land and painting on location. these organic experiences present me with a whole array of emotions and information which allows me to identify closely with a place or moment. For me, painting is akin to poetry, each brush mark is borrowed from nature, wrought from an observation like a line, a note or a word in a stanza; even a short walk can result, if everything is right, in a whole body of work, almost as a poem or a meditation. My recent group of paintings are from two explorations, one of the wild Atlantic shores of Scotland's Western Isles and the second from the Lancashire south pennines.


Kate McKennan



Kate studied Fine Art at Manchester College of Art and Design. After a career in art education, and after a numerous artist residencies, she now works from her Nantwich studio.

'Geometry, rhythm and the unexpected, painted through the vehicle of natural forms where all these occur and reoccur are constant themes in my work.'

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